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 Special gifts for Christmas

Christmas Ornaments|DingDongPub

 Unique Gifts….. yes we do more than cards

You can view examples of the ornaments by clicking here. Please note that we have only a few of the large ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments from DingDongPub are all one of a kind treasures. Each crafted by hand ornaments created by Joseph Kinnebrew. Upon completion he has initialed each one.

When the Kinnebrew children were very young, after Thanksgiving each year, work on the very large commissioned sculptures slowed down. Between then and Christmas everyone including studio assistants were busy using the tools and materials making gifts for family and friends. Handmade gifts had become a tradition.

Kinnebrew started making toys for his son and daughter. As they grew older the tradition continued but the gifts became less for children and more for young adults and Ellen and Joseph’s adult friends. Today the family is smaller and spread out as often happens but the tradition remains… things made by hand are special gifts indeed.

For reasons you can understand we have only a limited quantity and coupons may not be used for ornaments. We hope you will consider your special friends and give them something that becomes part of their Christmas tradition and be long remembered. FYI they make wonderful hostess thank you gifts.

 You can see examples. They are available on line the DingDong web site:


Each Christmas ornament from DingDongPub is selected at random for shipment . All are unique and presented in a hand painted box. They are $14 each plus packaging and shipping of $4.00. This Christmas we do not ship internationally. While your there on the site you might take a look at the holiday cards.

 To order click here or on the image above and it will take you to the gallery and from there to the checkout page. Please remember that each order is selected randomly and the photographs are examples only.